20Something and Surviving

The Problem of Being Leez

I’m turning into one of those people who thinkthat everything is about them and that the world is out to get them. It’s just that in my case its true.

Don’t believe me? Well here are 2 examples:

Firstly what was my dream job is fast becoming a nightmare. My travelling has slowed down which means I have to be in the office with my newly promoted boss-  a former lowly colleague. It seems that power has gone to her -nuff said- head and now shes a total bitch. Which does not sit well with me. So all good intentions went out the window when we had a very public shouting match in the corridors. Not pretty.

On the homefront, I’ve been back in Cape Town for over a month now and still I have not found a flat. I can’t believe how hard it is to find decent accomodation here. Or maybe i’m just way too picky. The search is still on and I’m getting so despearet that I may have to settle which is a major no no for me. I never like to compromise.  Please all you cape people: Give me some suggestions.

The love life (!) is going fine surprisingly mainly because there is really no real “love”. Get what I mean? Having fun though. Going for a ride on a boat this weekend. Next week its off to another wedding and this time I’m going prepared. Have my hip flask on standby. And I really shouldn’t.

Which segues to me not having any (hard) liqour in a long while because, being the social chameleon that I am, I’ve decided to supend the smoking and drinking whilst I prepare for the Big Walk taking place on the 9th. I’m told it should be fun. In the meantime, I’m attending a sports day tomorrow and because of the no alcohol rule I will not be lazing under the Gazebo as usual but rather participating in a  few sporting codes.

The disadvantage with being one of the youngest employees in an organisation is the old farts expect you to be interested in physical activities. And be good at it!

Okay, thats me in a few words, Have to actually do some work. Chat later.


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Me In 20something Questions

I havent posted in a while and although a lot has happened I don’t know where to begin and I have no real desire to write apart from my job so I’m posting an email I received as my post. Feel free to repost as a meme.

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was… last weekend??? God I need to get laid.


2. I am listening to… the silence interrupted by the tapping noise as I type this. It’s strangely comforting. 

3. I talk… constantly, non-stop. I suffer from verbal diarrhea. When Drunk. Otherwise I like to think of myself as the strong silent type.

4. I love… my life at the moment. Sure I haven’t slept in my own bed in weeks but traveling suits me. And I love Green.

5. My best friends are… annoying and really embarrassing but missing the wonderfulness that is me. Miss you guys. Sniff. Sip.

6. My love life… is complicated but not full of complications. Depending on when you ask its non existent.

7. I hate it when people ask… blank. Go ahead. Ask me anything. Just don’t expect a sincere, decent or non-sarcastic answer.

8. Love is… a conspiracy. It’s a part of a plot by Greeting card companies to bleed us dry of what little cash we have left. Love is guilty, love is dangerous, love is unavoidable. Love is a contradiction of contradictions.

9. Marriage is… an individual choice despite there being two individuals involved.

10. Somewhere, someone is thinking… I should have eaten that last slice of pizza.


11. I’m always… eating, talking, eating and more eating.

12. I have a secret crush on…  no-one. Don’t do secret crushes. If I like you, will tell you.

13. My cell phone…  is an extension of me. It is also due for an upgrade.

14. When I wake up in the morning…  I switch the freaking alarm off then sniff for coffee. Depending on the outcome of my nasal investigation I may go back to sleep.  

15. When I go to bed at night…  depending on the weather I remove my clothing.

16. Right now I am thinking about…   what the fuck am I doing up so late, actually posting this.

17. Babies are…   an inconvenience. And needy.

18. I get on myspace… never. May still have the account but haven’t been on in years.

19. Today I… will try to make it through the day without kakking someone out over their screw ups.

20. Tonight I will… sleep. or get laid.

21. Tomorrow I will… be on my way back to my new home.

22. Someone that will most likely repost this is anyone who hasn’t received this by email, anyone willing to share this info, anyone who likes memes. So basically if you’re bored and have nothing better to do: TAG YOU’RE IT.


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Casual day

I Know Casual Day was some time back but I never really had time to post but since casual Friday stil applies and I really am lazy to post anyhting worthwhile…enjoy.




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Current Addictions

I’ve been tagged by dear Cath  to complete a meme on my so-called addictions. This meme was created my Being Brazen whom, I am embarassed to say I have just started reading.But its a great read so please check her out.

As in all memes there are rules or guidelines and they are:

This here meme’s rules are as follows…

*Post at least five current addictions and why you’re addicted to them
*Link to the creator of the meme and to the person who tagged you.
*Head your post with “Current addictions“.
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

I’m assuming these are meant to be fun and I will not go the banal and obvious route and mention chocolate and coffee. Nor will I mention cigarettes or alcohol. I’m trying to rack my brain thinking what’s left and hoping it comes to me before I’m done typing this sentence and now I’m prolonging it because it still hasn’t come to me yet but I’m supposed to be enterprising so here goes but before I do just be warned that I promise no guarantees. With out further ado, dum dadi dum do day… eish. Here goes: In no particular order:

1. Green

If you have read at least two of my posts then you would know of my love of all things green. From clothing to lifestyle choices I am having a bizarre affair with the colour green. In all shades and textures it draws me like a moth to light. I’ve tried to break myself of the addiction and I even own a couple of non-green items but I still have some convinced that I may have some green blood. And please spare me the rhetoric that green is just a trend.

2. Sunshine.

My craving and the lengths I have gone to trying soak up a ray of this surprisingly limited and so called natural resource reminds me of the days when my addictions were a little more hard core. It’s miserable in Cape Town. I dream of natural heat by way of sunshine. I had somehow romanticised my previous stay or maybe was way too out of it but it’s colder than average Durban winter. Reminds me of Germany.

3. Technology

Mainly my (well not mine exactly but mine for the foreseeable future) new laptop, my iPod, Wii and my shit cellphone that is an extension of my arm. And even though I think I may have just put my foot in it, will leave it at that.

4. Coke Zero

I’m not one to try new things and frankly I’m of the type that says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But after my first sip its become my new current addiction. Its ironic because I don’t drink Coke or any other soda for that matter. Not including coffee my liquid intake consists of water (still) and orange juice. And alcohol. But that like coffee does not count. I’m told its too sweet and that whatever they’re using as a sugar substitute is more harmful than normal coke but I don’t see it. What makes this addiction harder to maintain is the fact that hardly anyone besides the major chain stores stocks Coke Zero. Interestingly enough Coke Zero became a vice when I decided to try give up smoking and drinking coffee simultaneously…

5. Finally… Google

I know this is a cop-out but ran out of current addictions. And my use of Google for anything and everything is awe inspiring. I Google every email I receive and check the Zeitgeist once an hour.

And so ends my rambling about me… or my addictions but looking back I realise maybe one of my addictions is talking about myself. Narcissistic or what?

Anyway I’m not tagging anyone coz I can’t think of anyone really who hasn’t been tagged.


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Freaking Freezing


Its me. Remember me? Wouldn’t blame you if you don’t its been ages since I posted. So I’ve made it. I’m finally in the Mother City and loving it. Or was loving it until my first rain storm. Theres nothing like 4 to 5 passing showers a day to put things into perspective. And you have a lot of perspective when those darn showers only break loose when you dare set foot outside.

Anyway, Cape Town, barring this shit weather, has been good to me thus far. Since my flight Saturday evening I’ve been caught up with trying to re-acquaint myself with some old friends whilst trying desperately to avoid others. Some of you may remember these are the same people who caused my departure some time ago. 

Erm… ya. Thats it. I’m just trying to get used to the changes. And my throat and head feel like its swollen to twice its size.

Off to Bloem, yay, so will post again in about a week. hehe.

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