20Something and Surviving

Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow!!!

Things are a bit hectic this week.

Early on Monday morning I arrived to find a crisis. Not a good thing when you are still experiencing post hangover blues.

The weekend was fantastic and I promise, promise, promise to fill in the details when I have time. Which I don’t have at the moment. Compounding my problem is the prospect of Graduation plus the onslaught of finishing my Research project.

I don’t know what possessed me to think I could handle a full time job, full time studies and even try to have a semblance of a social life and manage it all. Some can. You know those people. They have their whole lives detailed in little notebooks and don’t freak out at the first sign of a hiccup but rather resort to plan B. And they have a detailed contingency plan B. My plan B usually has to go to Plan C that is usually made up as I go along.

I’m a serial procrastinator when it comes to the not so important things and then those same things become important things. Luckily I’ve been trained to work under tight deadlines.

My mind is swirling and despite my best efforts I’m consumed with the trivial. One of my friends recently decided to do cut her off totally form all type of electronic or technological communication. Unless it was the landline at work she would have nothing to do with it. Part of her religion or something. Anyway the aim was to hold out for 21 days and then she would have conquered her mini technology obsession/ addiction.

I saw something on Oprah, yes I watch Oprah, about it taking 21 days to break a habit so maybe I will try. Wait. No I won’t. I couldn’t survive the two weeks my Cellphone had t go in for repairs and I freak when the server goes down so I’m not going to intentionally make my self go insane.

Rather I will just cut out any social networking during 8 to 5 and do some actual work. Only a month to go and then I’m free. Cape Town here I come!!!

I’m also working on the site as I go along. I’m still playing around with the colours and themes and all that other stuff. Technology is not my friend even though I’ve tried to make peace countless times. Enjoy the week and will chat soon.


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Itchy Fingers


Wasn’t going to post today but the bug has hit me and I find myself itching to type something. Will form a group on 20something bloggers and call it blog addicts. Don’t know. will see. Sounds like way too much work.

Anyway really looking forward to the weekend. Have a date tomorrow. A bit nervous and I don’t really know considering the circumstances we met under (Details later). Tonight its the usual getting wasted… I think I may start tiring of it soon. But not to soon. Tomorrow its the traditional braai and rugby at a friends place. Go Sharks!!! I swear sometimes my buds are way too afrikaans for their own good.

This week has been more of an experimentation week for me in terms of blog writing and surfing. I started this after follwing some lonks to a site and all I wanted was to air my views and my life to no-one on particular. Writing for me is truly a stress reliever.

I would appreciate tis or comments though so don’t be shy and if you like what you read please tag me to others.

Have a great weekend. I’m gonna try.

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thats better…

Okay. I’ve had my coffee and I’m feeling considerably better. I still feel like crap coz I’m off coffee and chocolate but that’s another story.

I want to go home. I need to go home. But its only Thursday and I have way too much to do. Will persevere, push forward.

Went to this dinner function last night and it was quite nice. Held at a game reserve to the North of KZN the beauty of this province continues to amaze me. Despite my best efforts I was well behaved and did not do something I now I will regret later. I’m learning about rebounds. Usually I’m pretty smart but when it comes to relationships I can be petty slow.

We actually saw some animals on the way there. My friends in the state are still surprised when I get excited to see wild animals. They think I have a lion in my backyard. I don’t argue with them. The first time I saw a proper animal was when I was nine and My mom took us to the Circus. Those animals smelled and even back then I was glad to be a city Kid. We also had the usual cows, horses and chickens on the family farm but it didn’t compare to seeing Giraffes and Elephants.

So the dinner was great and I managed to sneak away into the bar on the reserve where all the men had gathered around the plasma watching Fergie’s boys get by, by the skin of their teeth. I’m a Liverpool fan and I’ve endured constant harassment by friends and colleagues alike since Liverpool early exit from both leagues.

My disappointment did not however stop me from celebrating with the guys and we had an assortment of different red drinks thingies, which created a nice buzz. However G is not talking to me as her I ditched her somewhere along the way. I knew she’d be happy with her fav Merlot and plenty of eye candy. I thought wrong. Got a text from her and dreading seeing her later.

Anyway I think I may have a solution of leaving early today. We are hearing rumours of xenophobic riots coming to town. We need to leave early to ensure our safety. Yes, that’s it.

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Xenophobic Zealots

Today I won’t be long. I’m too tired. Maybe I will post something later. Maybe.

Two things that have dominated my thoughts and life in the past 24 hours. Namely Man United’s lucky victory last night and the on going xenophobic attacks that have now made their way to Durban.

Firstly Man got a lucky break and John Terry is a puts that deserved his humiliation. I had no sympathy even though he sobbed like a baby.

Secondly I continue to be shocked and disgusted at these barbarians that are running around disgracing all South Africans. I work in the CBD and it was eerily quiet yesterday as many people ran home, fearing for their lives. When will it stop? And to Mbeki, please send some of those troops down our way.


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Blame it on Hormones

I’m Pathetic. And weak.

Despite my best attempts I’m actually tempted to go back to M. We actually had a decent conversation last night. Up to a point. It was very civil ranging from what are you up to, to condolences to what’s new in your life lately.

I played along nicely because I have this resolution that I will stop being such a prick and start being nice to people. It’s all a part of my plan. The thing about me is that I like plans. I like to categorise things. It’s just that my head doesn’t always follow these plans.

Anyway, in typical female fashion (sorry ladies), she starts fishing. What are up to…are you seeing anyone…

M: so what are you doing with yourself?

Leez: Nothing much, just busy lately. Work and stuff.

M: Okay. And how’s the gf?

Leez: I don’t have one. I’m not the one who was seeing other people remember?

M: Oh. Okay. But you were also cheating

Leez: Not really, I slept with my ex twice and we weren’t even exclusive then. You the one that thought you found something better and lied to me.
How is he anyway?

M: We not together anymore… he lied to me. Has a bf.

Leez: Sorry to hear that.

The conversation went on that same note until…

M: So do you want me back?

Leez: No.

M: Oh okay.

Leez: Why would I. you’re a liar and a cheat and I don’t trust you. But we can be friends. I have no grudges.

I was tempted believe me. We had good times and it was actually the first relationship that I saw going somewhere but it was not to be. I guess I was weak coz it’s been a long time since I got laid. These raging hormones impair ones judgment. Ya. That’s it. Blame it on the hormones.

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