20Something and Surviving

Itchy Fingers


Wasn’t going to post today but the bug has hit me and I find myself itching to type something. Will form a group on 20something bloggers and call it blog addicts. Don’t know. will see. Sounds like way too much work.

Anyway really looking forward to the weekend. Have a date tomorrow. A bit nervous and I don’t really know considering the circumstances we met under (Details later). Tonight its the usual getting wasted… I think I may start tiring of it soon. But not to soon. Tomorrow its the traditional braai and rugby at a friends place. Go Sharks!!! I swear sometimes my buds are way too afrikaans for their own good.

This week has been more of an experimentation week for me in terms of blog writing and surfing. I started this after follwing some lonks to a site and all I wanted was to air my views and my life to no-one on particular. Writing for me is truly a stress reliever.

I would appreciate tis or comments though so don’t be shy and if you like what you read please tag me to others.

Have a great weekend. I’m gonna try.


May 23, 2008 - Posted by | braai, drink, natal sharks


  1. Good luck with the date! Hope it goes well.

    Comment by Angela | May 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. Umm, Thanks. Will post something later. 🙂


    Comment by leez | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Blogging can be so very addictive, I was a twenty-something blogger once.. for about 2 weeks. I know that itchy-finger-syndrome, nothing could keep me away (read blogging from your mobile!!!)

    Hope the date went well, looking forward to all those juicy details!!!!!!

    Comment by SwissTwist | May 26, 2008 | Reply

  4. From ‘itchy fingers’ to silence… *bump*

    Comment by SwissTwist | May 26, 2008 | Reply


    how did it go? did you burp infront of her? did she baff?

    did she eat like a pig?

    Comment by SheBee | May 27, 2008 | Reply

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