20Something and Surviving

Come Into My Parlour Said The Spider To The Fly….


 For well she knew the silly fly would soon come back again …


So I’m going about my business and really trying to keep my head above water coz I feel like I’m drowning in the sea that is my workload. Thursday is meeting day and after I stumbled out of my third meeting before twelve, I pop back into the office. I have two more to go so I’m keeping a smile on my face. All this extra work must mean a promotion is pending. I hope. Snort!! I wish.


I check my mails quickly and suddenly the face of my week has changed drastically. My heart soars, I’m elated and just as suddenly I feel extremely guilty and disgusted at myself. The message stands there like a white elephant, whilst I try my best to ignore it by responding to other correspondence. Every few seconds my eyes drift back to the subject line and the name listed there. My heart races a bit faster and I try to quell the excitement that’s boiling in me. Its just one word, one name that’s got me in such a state. M.


Clicking on the item I read the one line that appears before me and I’m stunned. These simple words leaving me suddenly breathless. It reads:


Hi Leez, How are you. Are you single? M…

My fingers itch to respond. I want to lie. I want to insult. I want to tell the truth. Instead I do what I always do: avoid the subject. Select. Delete.


But I’m still left wondering.


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Film Review

So as usual Tuesday nights are movie nights and with Big Bear being in Geneva it was just G and I and without too much fuss we decided to buy into the hype and check out Dark Night. And we were not disappointed.


Much has been said about the new batman caper and its all mostly true. This edition of the Batman series continues from the previous film explaining the beginnings of batman and how he came to be the dark night. It is slick, gripping and certainly entertaining.


One of my favourite movies recently was Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior. The reason I think that it was so successful was the fact that it had a taint of reality to it. Unlike more recent films from Marvel Studios villains and heroes were not borne out of some unbelievable freak accident but rather through science and a bit of luck.


Dark Knight takes its cue form there with its villains being just ordinary run of the mill psychos with an edge. Much has been said about heath ledger’s performance a joker and I agree that in some ways that he does eclipse Christina Bale’s Batman but not so much that there should be Oscar rumors. His portrayal of the manic joker seems very familiar, in fact the voice and mannerism are very Jack Nicholson. Heath just channels an earlier Jack but does it superbly nonetheless.


In the end though I found the film to be slightly anticlimactic or maybe it was just plain too long. It’s obvious (to me) that Aaron Eckhart had to carry the burden of filling in the blanks as a villain with the development of his character seeming haphazardly put together. But he does not disappoint.


All in all it was a good movie. We also had the chance to watch Wanted with Angelina Jolie amongst others recently and although it was highly predictable it was slickly done and as usual Angie did not disappoint in her hot action vixen thing that she does so well.



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Change: To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance.


Change, according to the ones in the know; the so-called professionals, is not always a bad thing. In fact, they would have us believe, its quite natural. It’s just the normal state of progression that must occur in order to survive. Once we can adapt then we can adjust and conquer. I think. Haven’t seen a shrink in like forever but it makes sense. Right?



So I’ve decided to change and shifted my blog to a new address, gave it a new name but that’s it. It hasn’t really changed. Its still the same old me but better. “If you’re going to do something do it right” my mom says and so that’s exactly what I intend to attempt.



I’ve chosen the title of My Quarter Life Crisis because that is the epitome of what I am or am experiencing. I’m like everyone else but I am also different in that I am me.



Going back to my first post, I still have all those same ideals, those same hopes and goals set out for myself. Writing them down and having others read and give feedback just helps me to realise them faster.

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Feisty Fashionistas

It was brutal. The menace in their eyes sent cold shivers through me. The hunger was palpable and the smell of desperation evident in the air. The two urban warriors resplendent in the armour, which conveyed the current trend, eyed each other up. Both eyes locked on to their object on desire and then in quick flash both pounced vowing not to surrender, even if the outcome was death. Or a broken Fingernail.

Reading that paragraph one may think (Or I hope) that I was describing a medieval battle or at the very least Saturdays Tri Nations Match, but alas, No. That seen is just one of many that I bemusedly witnessed at yesterday’s YDE R75 sale. My amusement quickly turned to shock and horror at the downright disturbing behaviour of some.

Being the great friend that I am, I awoke at the crack of Dawn early Sunday morning and accompanied C to the sale. Parking on the first level I could already sense her anticipation. She gets this look in her eyes every time we go shopping and today that fire blazed brightly. We arrived a few minutes after 8 and that was a few minutes too late. Inside was a feeding frenzy as the store buzzed with dudes and dudettes high on the rush of a sale. Most surprising though was the behaviour of the men. As I approached the heaving mass that was the men’s department I was struck between the similarities between these heaving men and the ruck during a rugby match. Supposedly gentleman elbowed and kicked at each other to attain usually overpriced shirts and pants.

In the women’s department ladies formed groups and hogged shelves, reserving psychedelic creations to try on later. Many a bitchy remark was heard being exchanged amongst the patrons. We limped to the queue and waited for an hour witnessing blossoming romances between strangers and new enemy lines being drawn by friends.

As I collapsed in a booth at the local wimpy, ignoring C’s protestations as I dragged on a fag and sipped my espresso I reflected on the mornings happenings.

It took a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete our shopping 60-minute of those in a line and we actually survived. I entertained thoughts of returning to my bed and sleeping the day off. No chance though. Its sale season C informs me and with one final drag we’re off to fit in as much as we can before being joined for lunch by our sane friends.

Good times.

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Its Gonna be a good one!!!!

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