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Film Review

So as usual Tuesday nights are movie nights and with Big Bear being in Geneva it was just G and I and without too much fuss we decided to buy into the hype and check out Dark Night. And we were not disappointed.


Much has been said about the new batman caper and its all mostly true. This edition of the Batman series continues from the previous film explaining the beginnings of batman and how he came to be the dark night. It is slick, gripping and certainly entertaining.


One of my favourite movies recently was Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior. The reason I think that it was so successful was the fact that it had a taint of reality to it. Unlike more recent films from Marvel Studios villains and heroes were not borne out of some unbelievable freak accident but rather through science and a bit of luck.


Dark Knight takes its cue form there with its villains being just ordinary run of the mill psychos with an edge. Much has been said about heath ledger’s performance a joker and I agree that in some ways that he does eclipse Christina Bale’s Batman but not so much that there should be Oscar rumors. His portrayal of the manic joker seems very familiar, in fact the voice and mannerism are very Jack Nicholson. Heath just channels an earlier Jack but does it superbly nonetheless.


In the end though I found the film to be slightly anticlimactic or maybe it was just plain too long. It’s obvious (to me) that Aaron Eckhart had to carry the burden of filling in the blanks as a villain with the development of his character seeming haphazardly put together. But he does not disappoint.


All in all it was a good movie. We also had the chance to watch Wanted with Angelina Jolie amongst others recently and although it was highly predictable it was slickly done and as usual Angie did not disappoint in her hot action vixen thing that she does so well.




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  1. her hot action vixed thing… LOL
    i wonder if angelina has a clue how many people drool when they talk about her 🙂 i know a lot of girls even that has the hots for her… me, not so much but she hot, no disputing that fact!

    wasn’t it weird knowing Heath is dead? that’s the one thing keeping me from going to watch it.

    Comment by Stef | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. She is undeniably one of the hottest women around. I can see why Brad dropped Jen Aniston.

    Heath is fantastic but not spectacular. Sory to speak ill of the dead.

    Comment by leez08 | July 31, 2008 | Reply

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