20Something and Surviving


I’m really enjoying the quiet that is my office environment at the moment. Everyone is away at some workshop and because I decided to take a day off last week I was lucky enough to miss out on going. Poor sods.

There is something weirdly comforting about the calm that is the office with only the hum of my PC and 5fm to keep me company. I’ve been here three hours now and already been on two smoke breaks and had coffee with the front desk girl. And I manged to do 40% of my work for today. Its amazing what can be done without any distractions.

The quiet has also allowed me to clear my head and put things into perspective. I’ve written down everything I’m struggling with and formulating possible solutions. So I now know exactly whats going on and what need to be done. Its all been in my head but I guess my brain’s been oxygen starved due to hyperventilating and could not function properly.

G arrived last night with a couple of bottles of wine and put things into perspective. We had a long chat, reminisced about the good old days in Cape Town, cried about the fact that we are indeed growing up and then watched the Olympics (good luck Nhlapo) and had a parents slamming contest when we decided that if it werent for them (the parents) we could also be gold medal winning, globe trooting, endorsement having (?) icons.

Then we switched over to Oprah and once again I’ve decided that in my next life I want to be either Steadman or Gail King. Or the kid that Oprah never had. G wanted to be Joan of Arc. Anyway I digress. Oprah’s being doing a lot of “lala” things lately, along with the usual giving. I blame this on that new age book she’s been punting.

Like any decent fan I got a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. I had a friend of mine that works in a book store secure me a copy. There were none left and the staff were holding aside that one copy to be read amongst themselves. Regarding the Book: I’m not a fan. Its just like when she tried plugging the secret. I’m really not into that whole “you design your own destiny” shit. And I think Oprah is slowly losing the plot. All that money has gone to her head. She should relieve herself of it and donate some to an almost needy, almost kid in Africa, i.e. me. But it does make for entertaining viewing.

Anyway back to the silence… I’m listening to my song of the moment and trying to enjoy every second coz who knows when an opportunity like this may come around again.


August 21, 2008 - Posted by | friends, leez


  1. you’re back! you sound much better, which is great 🙂 i’m so glad you also think those kinds of books suck, cause quite frankly i thought I was losing the plot… felt the same way about “the secret” that O punted not too long ago… anyway, i guess when you have billions to stuff your mattress with silly books like this somehow makes sense 🙂

    Comment by Stef | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’ve missed Oprah this week. How is she doing? Please tell her I say ‘sup.

    Comment by shebee | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. Jeepers… everyone talks about the movie of The Secret so much that we took it out, thinking it was fictional. Five minutes and I was bored out of my skull. 10 minutes and we had resorted to licking the paint off the walls – it was more entertaining.

    Comment by Tamara | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  4. Stef: I am much better. Things re decidedly looking up. I think.

    Shebee: I havent really watched her alot lately but she’s losing it slowly. Pity.

    Tamara: The secret is so overreted. Was a waste of time and money. That will teach me for listening to a new age raving lunatic.

    Comment by leez08 | August 28, 2008 | Reply

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