20Something and Surviving

Freaking Freezing


Its me. Remember me? Wouldn’t blame you if you don’t its been ages since I posted. So I’ve made it. I’m finally in the Mother City and loving it. Or was loving it until my first rain storm. Theres nothing like 4 to 5 passing showers a day to put things into perspective. And you have a lot of perspective when those darn showers only break loose when you dare set foot outside.

Anyway, Cape Town, barring this shit weather, has been good to me thus far. Since my flight Saturday evening I’ve been caught up with trying to re-acquaint myself with some old friends whilst trying desperately to avoid others. Some of you may remember these are the same people who caused my departure some time ago. 

Erm… ya. Thats it. I’m just trying to get used to the changes. And my throat and head feel like its swollen to twice its size.

Off to Bloem, yay, so will post again in about a week. hehe.


September 17, 2008 Posted by | leez | | 6 Comments