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Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You,…

Happy Birthday Dear Madiba…. Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As someone born in the eighties, albeit the mid eighties, I really had no clue what was going on around me except when visiting the beach we were only allowed in certain areas.
Until I hit primary school we never really mixed with anyone else at the time. We were six, it was 1992 and things were not so bad. When going to school we met with friends and it was only when we got to high school, after the whole revolution thing that we realised how bad apartheid really was and that our friends were different and they thought we were different. But we were shown forgiveness and understanding.
And I guess we have a lot of people to thank for that, one of them being a living legend and icon Nelson Mandela.

It is disappointing to read over the past few weeks how jealous and petty some people can be. Comments made clearly out of jealousy, ignorance and disrespect have been made that try to undermine the greatness that is Madiba.
I see Mr. Mandela as a true inspiration and as a great example of greatness. Humble, honest and always charming the old man is the epitome of a good leader. The antithesis to the modern politician.
Today he celebrates Ninety Years of having been on this earth. They say that good people who contribute to this earth are rewarded by living longer than your average Joe. Madiba is certainly not average.

How many people could spend a lifetime in jail because they stood for a belief that as a human one must be treated as such? How many people could then survive that and still have forgiveness in their heart? How many people would call for peace and unity instead of taking up arms and spilling blood? Not many if any.

To grandfather of this nation and our democracy I say thank you.
Happy Birthday Mr. Nelson Mandela. May you have another decade on this earth and may your spirit continue to inspire us all.


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