20Something and Surviving


So another week has gone by so I thought I would take a break from my menial job and try to connect with those that I haven’t in a while.


I know that for some work is everything but lately I find myself looking for greater challenges. I am happy with where I am at present but I have big dreams as you are aware and it is now that I should start putting them into place. I went and booked for my learners test and applied for a passport. this is just the first steps in my plan.

You guys know me and my plans. Hopefully I won’t need a plan B this time. LOL.
My love life is gong fine. There was a stage where I was going through a bit of a mischievous phase then I was bored but now I’m content. It’s been almost two months already and things are going fine. I’m happy for now. And I don’t need anyone else for additional excitement. Not at the moment anyway.

Guys, this weekend try to make the best of it. I had dinner with Big Bear and Eve last night and it was fun. I forgot what stimulating conversation is like. And good wine.

Spent the weekend in Hillcrest and a day chilling watching soccer at the local grounds. I’m starting a new novel. I think it’s important for the mind to have some sort of external stimulus. So I have made the conscious decision to read more and try to attend more cultural events. As an upwardly mobile person it is my duty.


April 21, 2008 Posted by | bored, update, upward mobility | 2 Comments