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How Much Is Too Much?

So after a couple of drinks with mates the conversation eventually ends up up where it always does. Call it what you want but sex is always a solid topic especially after a few Bob Marleys and the tongues and inhibtions are loosened.

I asked this yesterday and I will ask it again. How many is too many sexual partners? And no not at the same time!!

Not counting any Once off encounters could that would make a Nun blush but rather how many sexual partners would be considerd borderline sluttish. Having semi-conservative friends (Snort!!) a bunch of weird numbers were thrown around. Using the rule of times three for women and minus three for men, I was left feeling like somewhat of a man whore. I don’t count or have lost count or stopped counting a long time ago. Do people seriously do that?

My buds are all a bit older than me and those that aren’t had considerably less numbers. Does this mean that the just more picky or that they have trouble getting laid?

So since the break up end of March, I’ve been on this self inlficted celibacy. It was part of the whole reassessing my priorities thing but I think I may be tiring of it.

It doesnt help that I get univited very inviting smses whilst minding my own business.


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