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Ignorant Murderers?

I’m appalled.

And embarrassed and guilt stricken. I am ashamed to call myself a South African. Not because I believe the country is going to the dogs but because of its people and those ignorant, cowardly bastards that move in groups terrorising innocent people.

What would possess someone to wrap another human being in a blanket, douse them with petrol, set them alight and just stand back and laugh. And Laugh!! Its barbaric, its worse than animals because even then an animal would not just harm their own.

How has it come to this? These so called foreigners have come here seeking refuge but all they encounter is atrocities worse than what they were running from. I don’t care about the politics behind the attacks or rather the politics seem unimportant at the moment. What is important is that we have a bunch of hooligan, vengeful murderers going around committing criminal acts and attributing it as justice.

Justice for what? Who are they protecting? Why are these people so fearful that they have to strike out at others. And Why now?

I’m sick to my stomach. Ignorance is no excuse for Barbarianism.

Picture is taken from www.thetimes.co.za. click on the pic to follow the link.

May 20, 2008 Posted by | barbarians, criminals, disgust, xenophobia | 2 Comments