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I do not have OCD nor am I really germ conscious. I don’t care that there are more germs on your toothbrush than the actually toilet seat or stuff like that but this mail got me thinking. I’m one of those people who never hold on to the railing on an escalator and I never touch the doors to a restroom with my hands after I’ve washed them. Coz Some people do not wash after tinkling and touch that very same spot.

This piece emailed to me also touched on one of my pet peeves: pets in trolleys. Aside from the fact that I am not particularly fond of them I find it highly offensive when I see little animals poking their heads out of shopping trolleys. I don’t care how clean you claim your animal to be the fact is they’re filthy animals occupying a space where someone else’s food will be.

Shopping Trolleys are dirtier than public toilets – fact!

Most off the major chain Stores (Hyper Checkers, Pick n’ Pay, Woolies and Spar) now have Trolley wet wipes to disinfect your trolley at the door before Putting your kids and food in.

Thousands of different shoppers touch the same trolley each day.

Investigations on 120 items found in public areas, commonly touched by hands, were examined for bacteria and viruses, shopping trolleys were the worst of the worst! More so than escalator conveyors, public toilets, lift buttons, train and bus straps!!!!

Although most people are aware of the importance of hand washing less than 45% of people bother to wash them – (this is an international statistic!)

The high bacteria count found on the average clean looking trolley is enough to make you sick, a survey carried out in the United States revealed that the average shopping trolley contains 1000times the bacteria count that a human would otherwise encounter in a normal day. – Baby seats have even worse statistics!

In Australia a 2 year old child spent several weeks in hospital in an intensive care unit with her life hanging in the balance, after extensive investigation, health department inspectors traced the source (of infection) to a supermarket shopping trolley, the child rode in the cart sucking her thumb while her mother shopped, the bacteria on the handle wound up in her mouth!

Even if a shopping trolley looks clean it may be laden with germs that can sicken you or your child!

But what are the chances??? – Dr Reynolds a microbiologist at the University of Arizona doing research to determine why certain bacteria find their way into people’s homes, made a startling discovery: one in five shopping trolleys tested positive for bodily fluids – blood, saliva or urine – that could transmit germs.

In Oklahoma City a concerned Eyewitness news presenter – Kevin Sims and his crew were horrified at the outcome of the shopping trolley bacteria investigation that they carried out, however they found a solution to the high bacteria counts…

When the stores bought in anti-bacterial wipes to use on the trolleys the bacteria count quickly disappeared. – According to Sideman’s lab tests, a simple, in- expensive cleaning wipe took a bacterium count in the thousands to almost zero – in a matter of seconds!

Most Pick n Pay stores and Spar stores in South Africa now provide FREE Sani-touch surface wipes for use on trolley handles, and hand wipes in store for your convenience!


For the protection of you and your family.


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One World, One Dream

Today is the official opening of the Oympics and despite what these images may suggest I look forward to the Olympics. The Tradition of sitting around placing bets on who would trip and fall or choke due to pressure is always fun and sometimes financially rewarding. The only problem I have is the venue for this edition of the Olympics. Besides the smog China has a horrendous human rights record. Lets just hope that our 200 odd athletes make us proud.

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Life: Its a Celebration

The thing about funerals is that although they are sad, it can turn into quite a festive occasion. Well with my family at least.
We bid a fond farewell to my Gran with no real hiccups and I’m grateful for that. During the service the priest stated that she was no longer with us, she had gone on to a better place and that we should be happy that she is free of this earth. In fact, said he, we should be celebrating her life. And my family, never the type to disregard the words of a man of the cloth, took his words literally.

I hate funerals but it’s a chance to have a sort of reunion to catch up with what’s going on with whom. There is always the pulling out and comparing sizes but its nothing in the long term. The after party turned into quite an affair and I left before the trouble started. I like drama just not my own.

Managed to watch the Sharks game on Saturday. Grin. I just hope this here the Sharks aren’t cheated. Had to miss watching it live at the stadium but I know that I will get another chance at the final in two weeks. Does anyone know how I can secure tickets without having to join the hordes that are going to queue outside? Six feet boers in hiking boots and I are not really good friends. They get unnerved by the accent.

Its Monday; the start of the week and a chance to start everything anew. Try a change of perspective. Will report how that works out.
Have a great week.

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I’m in shock.

My Gran Died.

It was expected. I mean she was 84 years old but that didn’t stop me from having this belief that she would somehow be around forever. That she would outlive me.

Sometimes I just go numb. But most of the time I’m angry. Not sad.

I’m angry because she was a stubborn old woman who refused to get any help. I’m angry because the people around her who were supposed to look after her and take care of her did not do their fucking jos properly.

Or maybe they did. I don’t know. And thats the problem. I don’t know because no one ever said anything. I’m angry because I could have done more. I’m angry because I thought I was getting over death and now it seems that I never had a chance.

This week has been full of death for me. A colleague I barely knew died and that was nothing to me. I had brief thoughts about my fathers death but I’ve been expoesed to so much that it didn’t bother me. That’s until you get that phone call. The phone call telling you that the woman you loved and who believed in you and defended your choices has just left you.

I will always have memories and the comfort of knowing that at least someone understood me and genuinely loved me.

Besides feeling angry I also have this guilt. I’ve been so selfish continually obsessing about myself. Its cliched but this death has helped me to realise that life should be lived.
I will attend the funeral tomorrow, wait for the ultimate confrontation post bereavement and then move on. What else can I do…

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Wake Up

Huge sigh.

So after all the eternal mushiness that was this last weekend with people going about declaring their undying gratitude to people they sometimes wish they could kill borne out on ungratefulness it was back to work and the hustle and bustle of deadlines. It was in the midst of my self-obsession that the news came to me. One of my colleagues had died.

We were not close and his been away for quite some time but the shock that comes with death concerning someone you know is great. Wow. I don’t know what to feel.

I thought I was over death. I thought I had come to accept it.

I’ve experienced plenty of death recently. Death of dreams, aspirations and most recently a relationship but to experience actual death still leaves this emptiness inside of me. I was sick for some time and spent it in hospital. During that time death was a common reminder of how short life is. So I assumed I had acquired some sort of immunity to the emotions that come with it.

It is not so. I hardly knew him yet I still feel sadness. A life is gone. Despite anyone’s best efforts and what we do, ultimately it seems to all be in vain. Or it appears to be.

I made the decision to readjust my life and so far I’ve had my ups and downs. But this has come as a reminder of the promises I made to myself should I be granted a second chance. Its here and I fully intend to take advantage of it.

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