20Something and Surviving

Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow!!!

Things are a bit hectic this week.

Early on Monday morning I arrived to find a crisis. Not a good thing when you are still experiencing post hangover blues.

The weekend was fantastic and I promise, promise, promise to fill in the details when I have time. Which I don’t have at the moment. Compounding my problem is the prospect of Graduation plus the onslaught of finishing my Research project.

I don’t know what possessed me to think I could handle a full time job, full time studies and even try to have a semblance of a social life and manage it all. Some can. You know those people. They have their whole lives detailed in little notebooks and don’t freak out at the first sign of a hiccup but rather resort to plan B. And they have a detailed contingency plan B. My plan B usually has to go to Plan C that is usually made up as I go along.

I’m a serial procrastinator when it comes to the not so important things and then those same things become important things. Luckily I’ve been trained to work under tight deadlines.

My mind is swirling and despite my best efforts I’m consumed with the trivial. One of my friends recently decided to do cut her off totally form all type of electronic or technological communication. Unless it was the landline at work she would have nothing to do with it. Part of her religion or something. Anyway the aim was to hold out for 21 days and then she would have conquered her mini technology obsession/ addiction.

I saw something on Oprah, yes I watch Oprah, about it taking 21 days to break a habit so maybe I will try. Wait. No I won’t. I couldn’t survive the two weeks my Cellphone had t go in for repairs and I freak when the server goes down so I’m not going to intentionally make my self go insane.

Rather I will just cut out any social networking during 8 to 5 and do some actual work. Only a month to go and then I’m free. Cape Town here I come!!!

I’m also working on the site as I go along. I’m still playing around with the colours and themes and all that other stuff. Technology is not my friend even though I’ve tried to make peace countless times. Enjoy the week and will chat soon.


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Life: Its a Celebration

The thing about funerals is that although they are sad, it can turn into quite a festive occasion. Well with my family at least.
We bid a fond farewell to my Gran with no real hiccups and I’m grateful for that. During the service the priest stated that she was no longer with us, she had gone on to a better place and that we should be happy that she is free of this earth. In fact, said he, we should be celebrating her life. And my family, never the type to disregard the words of a man of the cloth, took his words literally.

I hate funerals but it’s a chance to have a sort of reunion to catch up with what’s going on with whom. There is always the pulling out and comparing sizes but its nothing in the long term. The after party turned into quite an affair and I left before the trouble started. I like drama just not my own.

Managed to watch the Sharks game on Saturday. Grin. I just hope this here the Sharks aren’t cheated. Had to miss watching it live at the stadium but I know that I will get another chance at the final in two weeks. Does anyone know how I can secure tickets without having to join the hordes that are going to queue outside? Six feet boers in hiking boots and I are not really good friends. They get unnerved by the accent.

Its Monday; the start of the week and a chance to start everything anew. Try a change of perspective. Will report how that works out.
Have a great week.

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