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Leez Inbox: Floods

I remember a few years back when we Durban had experienced some serious flooding. Images of people rowing down west street and sitting on top of their house were splattered acrooss TV and in my adolescence I was fascinated and impressed by such occurences.
Its now more than a few years later and I have not lost my fascination for natural disasters. Granted I don’t know if this can even be classified as a natural disaster but the damge to peoples livelihoods both saddens and humbles me. Having lived on the South Coast briefly and still having friends and colleagues who reside there means that I am reminded of the devastation.
I see this as a rEminder that tragedy affects everyone irrespective of race or social standing.
Below from my Inbox are a few of the images sent to me by a friend who lives on the east coast and they were sent to him by a friend and so forth.


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