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Graduation, Spray On Condoms, and Tom Cruise Killing Oprah

Just wanted to get some attention. *grin* Anyway…
So, I’ve done it and all I can say is wow!!! Finally graduated.
All is left is one more time next year, hopefully, coz by 2010 I cannot be going through this shit again.
Anyway, everything went off as planned. Did not trip and planning on a holiday with prezzie cash. Mommy was well behaved and we managed to sit through a celebratory meal for the family’s sake. All I know is come tonight I’m going to get as wasted as possible.
Had to go to work today as deadlines loom. I used to love the thrill of deadlines but now they’re just an inconvenience.

As of Monday I have decided to publish a new blog based on the silly emails I receive daily. This is just an excuse to feel as if I have posted something even when I hit a slump or just become plain lazy.

I had decided to start blogging after conducting research concerning social websites and the media and its impact on society amongst other things for my research thesis. The best way in order to criticize anything is to experience it first hand so I added blogging to my long list of social media escapades that included Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. I find blogging to be cathartic so I just decided to carry on after submitting my findings. Now I am obsessed with having my shit read.

I did a Google search to find out what was the most searched words on Google and surprisingly it turned out to be triffids and spray on condoms. I know!!!!! Others included Mario Lopez, truthiness (!), and thong lawsuit, defenestrate and tom cruise kills oprah.

Obviously there are some messed up people out there. So in order to have my blog come up in an online search I should not bother with the mention of sex, porn or anything free as is the misconception but rather scribble something that includes Tom Cruise strangling Oprah on her couch because she recommended a defective thong as opposed to spray on condoms as a contraceptive method.

Could Work.

Incidentally I followed the link to the spray on condoms and it received a mention on CSI so it became super popular. Google it.

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