20Something and Surviving

Quarter Life Crisis: Round 2

Last week was dominated by the flooding of the KZN south coast and World Refugee day. It was both work related but I am continuously surprised by Human stories.

I have posted previously about this but nothing compares to raw human emotion in the face adversity. The floods made me realize that every one is susceptible to tragedy irrespective of their social standing.

I spent last Friday with a group of foreign nationals, great guys, who were all now trying to secure a living in our country. All were legal immigrants and all were disgusted by the recent going-ons in this country. They also all had one message that they wanted to get across: We Are Africans Too.

Friday also saw the launch of the Orange ribbon campaign that is meant as a way to create awareness around anti racism campaigns.

I do not see how wearing a ribbon change human nature but I remain hopeful that it is just a sort of branding material to easily identify the cause. Much like the pink and red ribbons used for Cancer and AIDS respectively. It is admirable. However that people have decided to do something rather than look on and click their tongues or shake their head in disapproval yet do nothing.

Okay… that over, my week was also dominated by graduation and celebration. Graduation was kind of bittersweet for me as it made me realize how far I had come from that kid four years ago. So much has happened, not all bad, and I think it has made me an entirely different person. Not one that I would have liked a few years ago but I ma very comfortable with the person that I have become even though I may not be happy with some of the decisions I have made.

I’m told its all a part of the growing process. Graduation also made me face what I already knew: I am not happy in my current job. Now, I know that everyone says that, But I ma truly not in a good space at the moment and I am seriously toying with the idea of leaving. It’s not so much the career choice itself because I still have the desire but I just feel that at the moment I am not being challenged enough. I am bored. And I don’t like being bored.

My Gran used to say that only lazy people with small brains are bored. I am not one of those people or at least I aspire to be something better. I hate being told that I am still young and have plenty of time to make these decisions. That’s not true. I look around and see everyone else moving on in some sort of forward direction but I seem to be stagnating.

I don’t know. But what I do know is that I will have to make a decision soon. And it may not be one that the kid of four or maybe even a year ago would have liked.


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Graduation, Spray On Condoms, and Tom Cruise Killing Oprah

Just wanted to get some attention. *grin* Anyway…
So, I’ve done it and all I can say is wow!!! Finally graduated.
All is left is one more time next year, hopefully, coz by 2010 I cannot be going through this shit again.
Anyway, everything went off as planned. Did not trip and planning on a holiday with prezzie cash. Mommy was well behaved and we managed to sit through a celebratory meal for the family’s sake. All I know is come tonight I’m going to get as wasted as possible.
Had to go to work today as deadlines loom. I used to love the thrill of deadlines but now they’re just an inconvenience.

As of Monday I have decided to publish a new blog based on the silly emails I receive daily. This is just an excuse to feel as if I have posted something even when I hit a slump or just become plain lazy.

I had decided to start blogging after conducting research concerning social websites and the media and its impact on society amongst other things for my research thesis. The best way in order to criticize anything is to experience it first hand so I added blogging to my long list of social media escapades that included Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. I find blogging to be cathartic so I just decided to carry on after submitting my findings. Now I am obsessed with having my shit read.

I did a Google search to find out what was the most searched words on Google and surprisingly it turned out to be triffids and spray on condoms. I know!!!!! Others included Mario Lopez, truthiness (!), and thong lawsuit, defenestrate and tom cruise kills oprah.

Obviously there are some messed up people out there. So in order to have my blog come up in an online search I should not bother with the mention of sex, porn or anything free as is the misconception but rather scribble something that includes Tom Cruise strangling Oprah on her couch because she recommended a defective thong as opposed to spray on condoms as a contraceptive method.

Could Work.

Incidentally I followed the link to the spray on condoms and it received a mention on CSI so it became super popular. Google it.

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Its Raining, its pouring…

Okay, most of us should know that rhyme we all used to sing to alleviate boredom but which usually just ended up depressing us further. I’m actually singing “rain, rain go away. Come again another day” in hopes that this weather clears before tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? Because after four years of working myself into what is surely going to be an early grave I am finally going to graduate!! *sigh of relief*

This past week has been hectic with me scrambling to get in work on time and still hold down a full time job where no one decides to pitch. Any study leave I had was consumed by my three days off for a throat infection but I survived.

Can’t wait until tomorrow. Mom has flown in to see her baby boy finally walk up those stairs relieving her of the notion that I was wasting her money. Which reminds me of one of the other reasons I’m so excited for Grad. Prezzies. And lots of them. Preferably cash. Or anything that can be exchanged for cash.

Anyway, really had a great long weekend. Long time bud of mine decided to actaully take the plunge this year and entered the Comrades so we decided to show him some support and camped on the side of the road. Yes it was just an excuse to have a drinks party but the spirits actually helped insulate our bods from the cold.

Another highlight was a visit from my current mild obsession. Had fun.

Wish me luck. And pray that I don’t trip.

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