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We Are Family…

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like being an only child. I’m sure all kids that have grown up as part of a large family wish that but with me it was like an extreme ambition. Like most kids I knew I was adopted.

The fact that I had a twin and an overwhelming amount of photographic evidence that proved otherwise did not deter me from this notion. Sometimes after a particularly heated argument (read: brawl) with one or more of my brothers I actually wished my imagined crack whore of a biological mother would return to take me back. In my mind going hungry for days seemed a far better prospect than having to occupy the same air space of any of my so called siblings.

What would stop me from following the clichéd route of running away that so many of my spoilt friends favoured is that actually liked nice tings. Who cared that I methodically planned all of their horrible deaths each night. I liked heat. I liked clean sheets and I liked my play station games. Plus I got some attention and empathy from everyone else who thought I had issues with being the ignored twin. I didn’t. But thanks for funding my rather extravagant childhood. Appreciated it.

Being my mom’s only daughter and Daddy’s baby girl said twin was always at the forefront in the attention stakes. We got over all those issues during High school when we realised we had to bond in order to uphold the family name which just meant turning a blind eye and denying or defending any slanderous accusations. Basically we had to watch each other’s backs. And stay away form each other’s friends.

With such a huge gap in age differences there would always be some strain between the brothers and my self (they loved the little tom boy Barbie that was little sis) but luckily them being old just meant mom got rid of them sooner. Was glad to get rid of the morons.

So why the history lesson? Trying to put things into context.

Yesterday Sis calls (“there this thing and mom is being you know…so could you. Love you…promise to pay you back…”) just to catch up. its been a few days since we had an actual conversation and after a few minutes I realise its just and excuse to bitch about one of the morons. Apparently they had an argument, words were exchanged, accusations thrown and lots of sulking. I ummed and ahhed and then asked WTF did she expect me to do about it? Hadn’t I been warning her for years about those people? Had she not learnt? She responded by saying that they’re right. I am an idiot and I do thing I’m better than everyone else and she would think twice next time before confiding in me. Whatever.

(Oh, “thanks I just got an sms saying it’s gone through”)

That’s one down. I’m waiting for the next.


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