20Something and Surviving

Doing It For A Friend

So I’ve gone on about how technology is not exactly a friend to me and yet I treasure it more than I some of my friends. We have some sort of symbiotic relationship with me needing it to survive and it feeding off of me.

That said it also displays remarkably similar traits of some people in that it can turn or just plain old shut down on you when you least expect it. Least expect it meaning when yo haven’t saved or created any backups, largely due to the fact you couldn’t think straight beacause it was late, you were dying, and it was either you saved or you left immediately and didn’t miss happy hour. One of those.

Anyway, I guess the point is that technology let me down, I needed it and so I had to resort to drastic measures. I may have mentioned before that getting anyone form IT to see to your problem is virtually impossible unless you do not need them but I have found some ways of getting around it.

Our IT guy is a nice enough dude and when he finally does get here he gets on with it. So the problem is getting him here. How can I work if I do not have my tools?

So this dude likes other dudes and so I’ve kinda been… I don’t know… leading him on? Its just that I need my friend back and so a little flirting has never hurt. Women do it all the time and I’ve done it a couple of times with great success so why do I feel so guilty?


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