20Something and Surviving

I love you, You love me…

There’s a reason I strongly dislike Kids or the thought of actually having any of my own and on Saturday I was reminded of that fact.

Its not the fear of having such an enormous responsibilty of having to care for another mini human being or any of that grown up stuff one has to confront when one has a mini critter crawling around. Kids are needy but isn’t everyone?

Children are cute until they learn how to walk and talk.

Okay Saturday was a day filled with screaming kids, jumping castles, slip slides and more sugar than is legal for those vertically challenged offspring and their parents.

The birthday boy himself, all of one year old, stood there on shakiy legs gurgling his delight at the sparkly candles on the cake.

After dropping off my large purple dinosaur I retreated to find some like minded souls and found them in a corner drnking their adult juice.

Was fun but I’m in no hurry to have any of my own.


July 21, 2008 Posted by | kids, party | 10 Comments