20Something and Surviving

Fool’s Hope

This week has been one for reflection and decision. The time for self-pity, self-recrimination and indecision is over. Now is the time for action.

Been trying to recover after the onslaught of the long public holidays of the past few weeks. Those days of rest relaxation and partying are but a mere memory. Counting the days till the next excuse to stay at home and be paid for it.

Paid a visit to friends and deniable family in Joburg for the four days. Was cool. I’m not really a fan of the big city. I prefer CT but you can’t argue with the nightlife there.

Got wasted everyday and still paying for it.

Was M’s Bday Tuesday so we decided to try Cubana, which has just opened up in Florida Road. I’m a huge fan of the one in Cape Town during my stay there. I must say I was not disappointed. The place has managed to attain the same vibe and the dinks and food were not a disappointment.

But I guess that Shower man Zuma wasn’t completely off the Map when he said Durban goes to sleep too early. Despite what Eishkom and our Energy minister would believe going to sleep earlier does not make one cleverer it just contributes to the predicted imminent baby boom.

But then again I wouldn’t want to venture out at night. I wrote previously about the crime and it just seems to be getting more blatant by the day. I wonder if Mr. Silent Diplomacy will now acknowledge that there is such a thing as crime now that he has become a victim of it? Doubt it.

A friend’s car was broken into and stolen whilst at the car licensing office the other day!!!! The cheek of it! Whilst you are inside having the car registered, the bastards are outside snatching it away. It was recovered- Tracker strikes once again- but the unnecessary bureaucracy that comes after is unbearable.

When will it be enough? Will there ever come an end to this madness?

Despite this I am still optimistic. Call it a fool’s hope.


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