20Something and Surviving

No Stress

To everyone that tried me this morning, I say you are forgiven.

I forgive the fact that you have no courtesy by trying to kill me whilst backing out of my driveway. I forgive the fact that you do not how to use those thingies called indicators when bobbing and weaving through the traffic. I forgive you and your snotty retarded kid for thinking that you showing me the finger when I voiced my irritation at your poor driving skills (a result of having bought your license). Forgive me for saying some things that same kid is going to repeat in class today.

I forgive all of you because I know with driving like that you won’t be around much longer.

It was hard but two cigarettes and a mug of coffee later whilst listening to my new fav SOTD has put me in a very forgiving mood.

Just don’t try me on the way home again.


July 15, 2008 Posted by | back to school idiots, road rage | 4 Comments