20Something and Surviving

After the Revelation

It all started in Matric with my first spliff and I guess it kind of developed into something more. From weed and ecstasy I started experimenting and pretty soon I was onto stronger substances.
I really don’t want to go into detail but I was in a bad space and it all finally came to head when I ended up in hospital a few weeks before my 21st birthday and Mommy decided that enough was enough and her baby needed help.

Whilst lying there contemplating my sorry state of affairs and sinking into a depression I realised that the only person that could help me was myself. If I wanted something then I would have to work for it and get it myself. It did not help sitting thee feeling sorry for myself. I had to become proactive.

So four months and fewer friends later I signed myself out, persuaded my step dad to fund my trip of self discovery and spent close to six months in Germany living with an aunt who had emigrated before returning to finally confront my demons and get my life back in order.

I’ve re-enrolled at varsity, fell in love, had my heart broken, gotten new friends and mended some bridges with family, and everything was going so well. Then I wake up one morning and it all seems just…. Wrong.

I’ve come this far, I should be content but I want more. Much more.


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My Secret

There’s a reason my mom and I have a kind of strained relationship. It wasn’t always that way. My mom is one of the most respectable people around and having me as a son just didn’t cut it. At least that’s what I thought.

Lately I’ve been going through this reflection phase but I don’t really like to think of things that happened in my past. That sounds so dramatic but its true.

Truth is I took time of last year not by choice but because I had to. I couldn’t be expected to continue my studies and kick a burgeoning drug habit at the same time.

That’s right I had a drug addiction. Nothing serious, in my opinion, just the normal adolescent experimentation but mommy thought it serious enough to book me into a facility. And there I spent four months.

Enough said.

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