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Face to Face

So… I’ve succumbed. I went out last night and actually watched the Sex and The City Movie. I’ve been putting it off for quite a while but finally, because G had to endure Indiana Jones (so did I- it was awful), I had to reciprocate. And surprisingly… It wasn’t bad. Still major chick flick but I could live with it.

I actually enjoy going out with G and catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. We chat like everyday but electronically so a decent face to face is much better than misspelled words. I’m quite vocal and she’s quite handsy so we always make a noise wherever we go just to make a point.

The problem with both your bestest friends being of the female persuasion and you being not means that you have to sometimes make certain sacrifices. But the cool thing is I trust them way more than I trust my male buds. The dynamics are completely different but I’ve known these people for years and I guess its not a question of their gender but their personalities and attributes. Gender doesn’t necessitate your level of loyalty or trust. It is not dependant on your gender whether you are a good friend or not but rather the experiences that you both have endured. In my opinion, at least.

G is a particularly good friend. We lived together for sometime and I almost killed her but we got over that. Tip: never move in with your best friend, you discover things you shouldn’t know. Anyway she credits herself with trying to teach me the finer things in life and I credit myself with having taught her how to drink most men under the table, how to use any situation to your advantage and how to let some things go.

So it’s been mutually beneficial. Yes, I can get pissed when she calls me at 5 in the morning “just to chat” because she’s been at work since four but that’s a small price to pay for having such an invaluable friend. I guess I’m lucky. She likes to remind me of that.


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