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Unwilling Prey

So I’m being stalked. Again.

Hilarious. I don’t have an ego and I really don’t give a shit what some people may think of me but I can’t believe that I’m being stalked. Again.

Well this time it’s a bit different. The first time I would be up at night and this chick would call and want to have conversations with me. Like totally long convos and I would just play along until one day she phones my mom and tells her I’ve been in an accident. Don’t know where she got any of our numbers but that was some freaky shit and was glad its over.

This time I know the person. It’s an ex. The recent one. Why don’t you understand that when I said its over I meant it? No. I don’t want to be your friend. I have plenty of those who do not lie to me constantly. I have friends who are considerate and affectionate and whose mood swings I can handle. I have friends I’ve known for years who would not hesitate to put me first. For my friends I am a priority. Obviously to you I was not.

So don’t call me, email me or anything else. I’ve deleted you off my Facebook, my mailing list. My Skype, my Gmail, Mxit, etc.

In short, leave me the fuck alone. I’m trying to get over you.

May 13, 2008 Posted by | ex, leez, love, stalked | 2 Comments