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Like a Meme Virgin- Tagged for the very first time…

I have been tagged!!! By The Queen herself. Fantastic!! But I have no idea WTF to write so… here goes:

8 Random things you didn’t know about Leez. (By the way I kinda stalked Just Bcoz and decided to make it personal. And a kind of Useless but Interesting (!) Info you didn’t know about Leez. )

1. I am a fraternal twin. Yes I have a twin sister whom I hate depending on occasion. She lives in Joburg and I have an exorbitant phone bill because of it…

2. I haven’t had coffee or chocolate for close to a week now and it’s driving me crazy. I decided to cut back on everything that I like and is supposed to be bad for me and even paid a visit to the juice bar at the gym. It’s also resulted in an Indian food addiction.

3. Although I currently live in Durban and grew up here I have lived in four different provinces before turning 18. My dad died and Mom remarried. So we moved.

4. I was like the shortest kid in my high school class until standard nine. Then I was like the 20th tallest out of a hundred boys. Increase in height resulted in increase in randiness. Loved matric. Good times.

5. I’m not afraid of heights, snakes or spiders. I’m not afraid of the dark, clowns or abnormally big-footed women. I’m not afraid of commitment, love or constant companionship. I may avoid all of the above but I’m not afraid of them. I’m afraid of dogs. All kinds. Pathetic but before the age of seven I was bitten (nipped) five times by four different dogs. The one bit me twice on separate occasions. If you want me to squeal like a bitch put a puppy near my face. Nuff said.

6. Umm… these are getting harder… I’m not vegetarian or a tree hugger or anything but I don’t eat red meat. Just because. Because I don’t like the taste of it. And that includes everything that comes form a cow or sheep. Or anything else that I think tastes, smells or may resemble red meat. This means I have an Iron deficiency and have grown to hate chicken. Seriously.

7. I’m a really bad liar. Struggle to keep eye contact and start stuttering. Improved drastically though during my addiction.

8. okay. Time for way too TMI but… as the piece de resistance: I’ve gone to second base with a guy… and that’s all I’m saying.

Now comes the hard part. I’m tagging the follwing coz they’re what I have been reading lately and I want to know more.

Swisstwist, Msbehavn: Lots of blog silence.

Ches, Arselickocracy: Two dudes with warped ideas minds and entertaining fodder

Sweets, Tamara, JustBcoz: I started stalking a few weeks ago and fast becoming addicted. More please.

Cath: My home town girl who I know reads my shit regularly and would happily respond.

Finally ( coz I know JustB has already been tagged) as a proud east coaster and to get more people to a fellow durban blog Mr. Gas Burner himself: Lighter Fluid.

Man, that was hard!! Enjoy.


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