20Something and Surviving

I’m Back

I’m alive. Just barely.

So much has happened in this past week and a half and I don’t where to start.

Everything has morphed and become into one. I cannot differentiate between what is fact and what is fiction and whether all of it is just fantasy or fucking fickel reality. Life is like that, I’m told. Its part of Growing up someone else tells me. I say whatever. Very mature I know. But I’ve learnt some very hard lessons and I’ve also learnt how to have more fun. Or rather I relearnt how to have fun.

I have problems. So what. So does everyone else. My whining does not make them any more significant. I had to realise that first in order to move on. Which I have.

And its the lat time I’m moving on. lol. That sounds so fucking hilarious coz I’ve moving on for the past few weeks and nothing has happened but this time its going to happen.

So to get back to whats happened the best place to start is always at the beginning and in this case it is last weeks date.

The date was okay. And that wasn’t okay with me. I guess I’m selfish when it comes to matters of the heart coz I don’t like things half way. It must smack me in the face before I can truly take notice and that didn’t happem. Oh well, yet another girl-friend. I have way too many of those.

I did however meet someone else in the iterim and we’ve been chatting everyday since she bumped into me, by accident, in a club one Saturday evening. I have this rule that if you meet someone in a club it aint gonna last past the sex but this time I’m optimistic. I figured that I’m in clubs and I’m not an idiotic drunk pycho usually so maybe I should give it a chance.

Work has been super hectic as well as graduation coming up and completing my submission for my degree. I still kick myself when I find myself awake at 3 in the morning typing the same word over and over and over again. I usually kick myself because I realise that I have run out of both coffee and ciggarettes.

So it gets a bit much and Leez decides he’s going to have to take some study leave and just chill for a few days and so makes his way North. BAD idea. A couple of hangovers and a busted lip later I return home to find mommy dearest has decided to pay me a visit. How nice. Didn’t think she knew I was alive. Oh, smack my cranium, yes! Grads coming up… Someone sent an invitation. Make mental note to hunt them (read: twin sis) down and unleash the rath of Leez upon them but later. I need to sleep. Body is sore, head is pounding and throat is on fire. Damn that cheap whiskey. Or so I thought.

When I finally do come around, she who calls herself mommy, has taken me to Doctor( sweet isn’t she?), and I have tonsilitis and a mild fever. Okay. Can handle that. Three days…piece of cake.

Three days later and I’m glad to be back at work. I don’t care if I am doing two peoples jobs plus mine and I still feel like crap and now I also have an overdue assignment. I dont care that Im the only idiot that hasn’t bothered to… no never mind.

All I know is that I’m free. Coz that woman has gone back and I can now just relax. Take it easy. gotta get that song out of my head. irritating.

Looking forward to this weekend. If I didn’t make any sense don’t worry. I shouldn’t. before I had the brilliant idea of running back to work I decided to numb the sounds by taking as much of any medication I could find.

I’m Back.


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So another week has gone by so I thought I would take a break from my menial job and try to connect with those that I haven’t in a while.


I know that for some work is everything but lately I find myself looking for greater challenges. I am happy with where I am at present but I have big dreams as you are aware and it is now that I should start putting them into place. I went and booked for my learners test and applied for a passport. this is just the first steps in my plan.

You guys know me and my plans. Hopefully I won’t need a plan B this time. LOL.
My love life is gong fine. There was a stage where I was going through a bit of a mischievous phase then I was bored but now I’m content. It’s been almost two months already and things are going fine. I’m happy for now. And I don’t need anyone else for additional excitement. Not at the moment anyway.

Guys, this weekend try to make the best of it. I had dinner with Big Bear and Eve last night and it was fun. I forgot what stimulating conversation is like. And good wine.

Spent the weekend in Hillcrest and a day chilling watching soccer at the local grounds. I’m starting a new novel. I think it’s important for the mind to have some sort of external stimulus. So I have made the conscious decision to read more and try to attend more cultural events. As an upwardly mobile person it is my duty.

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