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Current Addictions

I’ve been tagged by dear Cath  to complete a meme on my so-called addictions. This meme was created my Being Brazen whom, I am embarassed to say I have just started reading.But its a great read so please check her out.

As in all memes there are rules or guidelines and they are:

This here meme’s rules are as follows…

*Post at least five current addictions and why you’re addicted to them
*Link to the creator of the meme and to the person who tagged you.
*Head your post with “Current addictions“.
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

I’m assuming these are meant to be fun and I will not go the banal and obvious route and mention chocolate and coffee. Nor will I mention cigarettes or alcohol. I’m trying to rack my brain thinking what’s left and hoping it comes to me before I’m done typing this sentence and now I’m prolonging it because it still hasn’t come to me yet but I’m supposed to be enterprising so here goes but before I do just be warned that I promise no guarantees. With out further ado, dum dadi dum do day… eish. Here goes: In no particular order:

1. Green

If you have read at least two of my posts then you would know of my love of all things green. From clothing to lifestyle choices I am having a bizarre affair with the colour green. In all shades and textures it draws me like a moth to light. I’ve tried to break myself of the addiction and I even own a couple of non-green items but I still have some convinced that I may have some green blood. And please spare me the rhetoric that green is just a trend.

2. Sunshine.

My craving and the lengths I have gone to trying soak up a ray of this surprisingly limited and so called natural resource reminds me of the days when my addictions were a little more hard core. It’s miserable in Cape Town. I dream of natural heat by way of sunshine. I had somehow romanticised my previous stay or maybe was way too out of it but it’s colder than average Durban winter. Reminds me of Germany.

3. Technology

Mainly my (well not mine exactly but mine for the foreseeable future) new laptop, my iPod, Wii and my shit cellphone that is an extension of my arm. And even though I think I may have just put my foot in it, will leave it at that.

4. Coke Zero

I’m not one to try new things and frankly I’m of the type that says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But after my first sip its become my new current addiction. Its ironic because I don’t drink Coke or any other soda for that matter. Not including coffee my liquid intake consists of water (still) and orange juice. And alcohol. But that like coffee does not count. I’m told its too sweet and that whatever they’re using as a sugar substitute is more harmful than normal coke but I don’t see it. What makes this addiction harder to maintain is the fact that hardly anyone besides the major chain stores stocks Coke Zero. Interestingly enough Coke Zero became a vice when I decided to try give up smoking and drinking coffee simultaneously…

5. Finally… Google

I know this is a cop-out but ran out of current addictions. And my use of Google for anything and everything is awe inspiring. I Google every email I receive and check the Zeitgeist once an hour.

And so ends my rambling about me… or my addictions but looking back I realise maybe one of my addictions is talking about myself. Narcissistic or what?

Anyway I’m not tagging anyone coz I can’t think of anyone really who hasn’t been tagged.



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