20Something and Surviving

The Problem of Being Leez

I’m turning into one of those people who thinkthat everything is about them and that the world is out to get them. It’s just that in my case its true.

Don’t believe me? Well here are 2 examples:

Firstly what was my dream job is fast becoming a nightmare. My travelling has slowed down which means I have to be in the office with my newly promoted boss-  a former lowly colleague. It seems that power has gone to her -nuff said- head and now shes a total bitch. Which does not sit well with me. So all good intentions went out the window when we had a very public shouting match in the corridors. Not pretty.

On the homefront, I’ve been back in Cape Town for over a month now and still I have not found a flat. I can’t believe how hard it is to find decent accomodation here. Or maybe i’m just way too picky. The search is still on and I’m getting so despearet that I may have to settle which is a major no no for me. I never like to compromise.  Please all you cape people: Give me some suggestions.

The love life (!) is going fine surprisingly mainly because there is really no real “love”. Get what I mean? Having fun though. Going for a ride on a boat this weekend. Next week its off to another wedding and this time I’m going prepared. Have my hip flask on standby. And I really shouldn’t.

Which segues to me not having any (hard) liqour in a long while because, being the social chameleon that I am, I’ve decided to supend the smoking and drinking whilst I prepare for the Big Walk taking place on the 9th. I’m told it should be fun. In the meantime, I’m attending a sports day tomorrow and because of the no alcohol rule I will not be lazing under the Gazebo as usual but rather participating in a  few sporting codes.

The disadvantage with being one of the youngest employees in an organisation is the old farts expect you to be interested in physical activities. And be good at it!

Okay, thats me in a few words, Have to actually do some work. Chat later.


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