20Something and Surviving


If everyone one were to jump off a bridge just for the sake of doing it ( and it was to my benefit) then I would do it as well. That’s just the person I am.

Not only do I have a highly addictive personality (I’m giving up coffee and cutting down on Ciggs but increased my hot chocolate and sweet intake), but I also like to follow what everyone is doing. Its natural curiosity. So after numerous posts about it I finally watched Kung Fu panda Tuesday night. And I wasn’t disappointed.
G ( I need to work on nicknames- I know!) and I had our usual Tuesday night movie and dinner catch up and we both decided we’d made a good choice. Anyway this week we’re planning a send off for her bf that’s on his way to Geneva for a couple of weeks. Jealous.
Yesterday was a perfect day vir die strand but C and I decided to stay in and have our long overdue Horror DVD marathon. The tummy muscles had a good workout.
So after a whole days work gone I return to silence. As is usual in the office fellow colleagues in my unit have taken extended leave.

July 10, 2008 Posted by | unwanted holiday | 3 Comments